Factors for sinking foundations

Sinking foundation resulting in cracked walls

Several factors can contribute to sinking foundations, and addressing these issues requires a comprehensive understanding of the underlying causes.   Here are some additional considerations for sinking foundations:   1. Soil Composition Different soil types have varying load-bearing capacities and susceptibility to settlement. Clay soils, for example, are prone to shrinking and swelling, while sandy […]

Water damage

Water damage is a pervasive threat that can wreak havoc on homes and structures, causing costly repairs and compromising the safety and integrity of the building. In the quest to protect against this formidable foe, chemical grout injection emerges as a powerful and innovative ally. This article explores the insidious nature of water damage and […]

Soakwell Installation Mistakes

Poor installation of soakwells can potentially cause damage to your residence. Improper installation may lead to inadequate drainage, which can result in water pooling around your property’s foundation. This can potentially lead to erosion, flooding, and even structural damage over time.   Introduction Proper drainage is crucial for safeguarding your residence from water-related issues. Soakwells, […]

Cracked Walls

Cracked Walls and Poor Soakwell Installation: Causes, Consequences, and Remedies   Introduction: Cracking walls and poor soakwell installation are two distinct yet interconnected issues that often plague structures, both residential and commercial. Cracking walls can be a visible manifestation of underlying structural problems, sometimes exacerbated by poor installation of drainage systems like soakwells. This essay […]

How Can I Tell If My Home Needs Underpinning?


About Foundational Underpinning As a homeowner, it is important to be aware of any structural issues that may arise in your property. In order to keep the roof over your head safe and sound it is necessary to have a good idea of the structural integrity of your building. If you begin to see cracks […]

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